Baby Squares Squared Quilt

Batik Quilt 2 004

What do you do on one of the hottest days of the year? Pull out the flannel, of course!! Guess I’m not a seasonal quilter! But hey, it’s a completed quilt and I don’t care what season it is, it’s PARTY TIME!! It looks like an innocent little quilt that doesn’t look like a lot of work, does it? And, truly, it’s not. It’s a pattern made for a beginner and one “should” be able to whip this quilt up pretty quickly when one quilts on a fairly regularly basis. Well, this is where the problem begins…

“Oh, look over there…shiny!! That project looks like so much more fun. Oh, and look, a bag, yes! I definitely need one of those. Oh, look at that pattern. I HAVE TO HAVE that one NOW!”

Yes, this is the story of my sewing life. So, yes, this project should have taken waaaay less time than it did. I’ll be honest, it took YEARS. Yes, years. I’m not proud of that fact. I even took it on a quilt retreat thinking it would give me a jump start, but I’ll be honest, it got so boring to me that I had to change to another project for a time. Now, I know some of you can relate! How long is the longest it has taken you to complete a project? Or, do you stick with one project and one project only until it’s done? Bless your heart if your one of THOSE!! I have diagnosed myself with SADD (Sewing Attention Deficit Disorder). I’m sure it’s in the diagnostic manual somewhere, probably with my photo next to it!! As far as I’ve researched, there is no cure; however, there are numerous support groups particularly amongst quilters!!

On to the nitty gritty details on the quilt. The pattern is Baby Squares Squared by Aardvark Quilts. It came as a kit by SewBatik. You can purchase it at  I made a twin size which is 64″ x 80″.

Baby Squares Squared Quilt 001

It’s made in flannel batiks. I haven’t seen a plethora of them, but I LOVED working with them, and I love the weight of them. The only thing I didn’t like was that they show lint like crazy (especially the dark colors). But, since I love dark colors and bright colors, I’ll deal with the downfalls.

Batik Quilt 2 005

Do you see lint in the photos? Just ignore that or consider it a free “add-on”! My cats consider it their duty to pre-test all quilts to ensure only the best quality. Just another service they offer!

I hired a long-arm quilter, Diane Shotl, to quilt it for me. She did an amazing job, as usual. If interested, you can check out her website at She used a variegated thread and swirl pattern throughout. I think it works perfectly for this pattern.

Baby Squares Squared Quilt 005

Here’s a look at the back where you can see the variegated thread stand out better.

Batik Quilt 2 002

It’s a great pattern for a beginner and it’s great for working with flannel or other textured fabrics as there isn’t a lot of bulk in the pattern. Also, if you need a fast quilt and don’t have sewing span attention issues, this is one that you can put the pedal to the metal and get that sewing machine smokin’!


Silence, Interrupted

Well, hello there. Yes, it’s been a while. Life seemed to get a wee bit crazy and I blew off my tiny piece of the internet. Oops! While I’ll try to get back on a more regular basis.


Where to start? Well, I don’t know if you know this about me, it’s a well known secret among my friends, but I sew. Yes, I do. I haven’t shared a lot of my sewing because, well sometimes it seems like it’s a personal thing and kind of puts me out there to be judged and critiqued where I don’t want to be. It’s a hobby, not a career for me. It’s to be enjoyed.

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I should stretch myself. Now, when I say stretch, I don’t mean physical exercise as that would be a little too far out of my comfort zone! But, I decided I wanted to share a bit more of my sewing endeavors. Now that it’s June (baby steps people, baby steps!!) I’ll finally get around to sharing and see how it goes. Yup, let’s put the toe in the water and see what happens!

Truth be told, I failed my first quilting class. Yes, I’m a quilt class drop-out. I would have gotten an ‘F’ if graded and I had continued. My garage sale sewing machine died during the class and I had no idea how to fix it and I was under a great deal of stress in other area of my life, so I had taken the class for stress relief. Ha! Obviously, that was counter productive! But, a few years after that situation, I got a shiny new sewing machine and met a friend who quilted and patiently taught me the ropes. Bless her heart, she’s now created a sewing monster and I think my fabric stash rival hers!! Hey, at least she has one more person to call when she needs that specific color of fabric when the fabric store is closed for the day!!

Now, I won’t be sharing pictures of my sewing stash with you as that’s a little too personal yet! Let’s not get crazy or anything!! But, I do plan to give you a peak into some quilts, bags and who knows what all. Sound like a plan? We’ll start off with a pattern review on a really fun bag…tomorrow!!