Pattern Review: Dot Dot Dash Bag by Sara @ Sew Sweetness


I LOVE bags!! And, I really enjoy making bags. I mean, what sewer doesn’t like things she can use every day, are practical and can be tailor-made to fit her picky individual tastes?! So, when I got the opportunity to do a pattern review for what I consider one of the bag queens of the sewing world, Sara from, I jumped at the chance.


I chose the Dot Dot Dash Bag. Oh, the joy of pockets!! I LOVE a LOT of pockets and this one fit the bill perfectly–6 of them! Be still my heart!! And, for good measure, I added 3 more in the inside as I’m an overachiever–ha! As I said, one can always customize bags for one’s individual fetishes tastes.

The pattern was labeled as ‘Advanced’ and I wouldn’t start with this one if this was one’s first bag as it’s a little intense, but Sara gives excellent, clear directions and TONS of pictures. I LOVE pictures in directions as I’m a visual learner and to have a picture is so helpful. I’ve sewn bags from other designers who don’t have many pictures and I still have the emotional scars!! I kid, I kid…

Ok, let’s look at the bag…6 zippers on the outside. Now, if zippers make you break out into a cold sweat, never fear, they really aren’t that bad. Sara does a stellar job of holding your hand throughout the process of installation. I don’t know if you can see the lower 2 curvy zippers on the bottom of the bag which made me twitch a bit when I went to sew them (and for the record, I have a pretty friendly relationship with zippers thus far), but other than putting the one on upside down the first time, they really aren’t that bad.

I used Annie’s Soft & Stable for a stabilizer as recommended on the pattern. This is the first time I’ve ever used this product and I really like it. It’s a sew-in stabilizer that’s a little thick, so it doesn’t let the bag droop–LOVE that! I got mine at the local quilt store, though I asked about 3 stores before I found it. You can also order it online through

121 122

As mentioned earlier, I did change the interior of the bag in that I added a zip pocket on one side and 2 pockets on the other side. I’m particular on how my bags are loaded and put certain things in specific pockets so I can find them. So, I consider interior pockets a ‘must’ for me on any bag.

The only somewhat challenging part of the bag to me was the last step and Sara duly warned me ahead of time!! Sewing that second to last seam to connect the top is a doozey! It’s a bit thick, so lovingly pat your sewing machine and give it encouraging remarks throughout that seam and don’t be breaking any speed limits on the gas pedal and you’ll be just fine!! Oh yeah, and that denim needle in your sewing machine works wonders too as well as a walking foot if you have one!

Would I make this pattern again? Yes! It was a fun pattern. One of those that you smile when you think of the experience of making it. If you’d like to purchase the pattern, here’s the link Check out the rest of Sara’s patterns while you’re there also as she has some for all skill levels.

Thank-you Sara for giving me the opportunity to make this and share my review!

*I was given the pattern to test, but not otherwise compensated in any way. The opinions are 100% my own.*


9 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Dot Dot Dash Bag by Sara @ Sew Sweetness

  1. I made one, too, as a pattern tester and just got back from a trip, where I found it wonderful especially for air travel! Boarding passes & ID got their own special pocket and other essentials (like phone) were a breeze to findin pockets of their own. And the little curved pockets were perfect for chap stick and gum! Best travel purse ever! Oh and I did an inside sleeve for my iPad so I was all set!

    • Thanks for the comment! Funny you should mention traveling as I’m going to TN soon and am planning on taking this bag! Glad to know it works well for travel! The inside sleeve is a great idea.

  2. LOVE. 🙂 That bag is SO cute and as a non-sew-er, I can’t believe you made it!! I love all the zipper pockets. I MUST have pockets with zippers so stuff doesn’t fall out and get lost. And with almost 6 kids (less than 2 weeks left!), I have a lot of “stuff” that I don’t want little fingers grabbing too easily. I recently went to my first Thirty-One party, but to be honest, I felt the bags didn’t have enough pockets and zippers for me, so I left empty.

    • Hey Jessica! I’m a zipper person as I don’t want stuff falling out. Makes me nervous! I’ve heard of Thirty-One, but have never been to a party. Woohoo on 2 wks left! Hope you’re feeling well.

    • I’m so sorry, I don’t. I dug through my scraps and couldn’t find anymore. I do know that I got it about a yr ago or so at a HUGE warehouse in Mpls, so I doubt it’s available any longer. I’m not sure it had the name on the selvage as I usually take note of those things and I didn’t. I know I was kicking myself for not buying more as I wanted it for a quilt!! Sorry I not very helpful. 😦

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