DUH! I Mean, Dough!!


What is it about the smell of fresh bread that gets my taste buds doing the happy dance? I LOVE the stuff!! The smell as it bakes, the warmth it gives as it comes out of the oven, the lovely golden color and the melted butter on top. YUM!

The only problem with it is that I have a difficult time kneading it and it’s rather time consuming to make it from scratch. (Sorry, bread out of a plastic bag from a store just doesn’t excite my taste buds. Too boring!) Well, I made a discovery the other day that everyone else probably already knows. It’s the ‘dough cycle’ on my bread machine. I have had a bread machine for many years and frankly, I didn’t get along with it very well. The loaves are a weird shape, the smell it produces while it bakes just isn’t quite right (I was using bread machine dough from a box) and though it tasted ‘ok’, it just wasn’t producing the results that I want. Until…

I read about a person making buns with her bread machine. Hmm…how did that work as I’m thinking they would come out looking a bit squarish if she baked them in the machine. (Obviously, I didn’t read the entire manual when I purchased my machine or thought it would be too complicated to do just dough. I mean, why wouldn’t you have the machine do all the work?!) Well, she used the ‘dough cycle’ and took the dough out when the machine was done on that cycle, shaped the buns and baked them in her oven. (Insert ‘light bulb moment’ for Lana!!)

I’ve heard that you have to be very precise in the measurements of the ingredients for a bread machine or it doesn’t come out right which also added to my trepidation of using the machine to it’s full capacity, but thought I’d get brave and give it a try. I brought up the machine from our basement, dusted it off (ok, more of a deep clean as it had been down there quite a while) and followed the recipe. It WORKED! I had some of the best buns I’ve ever made. (Admittedly, that is not saying a lot as I rarely make buns!!! But, they were really good!) I was so excited that the next day I made breadsticks. They turned out great too!! I got so excited that I made calzones for dinner that night and Greg said that they were the best I had ever made–um, a bit of honesty, those are the ONLY ones I’ve ever made!! But, they were good!!

The next day (I’m on a roll here people!!) I told my friend/neighbor about my new discover and she gave me a bunch of bread machine mixes she had as she doesn’t have a bread machine. I thought I’d do the neighborly thing and make one up for her. I put all the ingredients in the machine and pushed the button. Ten minutes later I went to check on it and the it wasn’t mixing. Hmm…as I looked on the counter I realized that I forgot to put the blade in the machine. DOUGH! I mean, DUH!! Let’s just say it didn’t work too well!! I did try to insert it and see what would happen, but it wasn’t pretty!!

If you have a bread machine, dust it off and give it another whirl! It’s quite fun and doesn’t take much time. You too can have warm bread!! Just don’t forget to insert the blade!!

2 thoughts on “DUH! I Mean, Dough!!

  1. I’ve left the blade out of my machine before too…so sad! I also love making bread in my machine, though I’ve also never used the dough setting (my thought being the same as yours–why not let the machine do all the work, especially if I’m getting it dirty anyway?) But your picture looks SO yummy that I might just have to give it a try…even if it does mean more dishes! 🙂

  2. I have a bread machine … it is buried in the box in the cabinents under my counter somewhere. Hmmmm … I had a similar experience to you with commerically boxed bread mixes when I recived this as a gift. Maybe I should take it out and dust it off and try to actually learn how to make bread with it … 😉 Pat

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