Mommy Sanity

It’s been a bit since my last post since I’ve been out of town quite a bit. I want to share what keeps me sane as a mom–SANITY BREAKS! Now, I love my son more than anything in this world, but if I want to be a good mother, I need some time for myself. My son is 1 yr old and takes a LOT of energy. I wish that moms automatically got rewarded with the equivalent amount of energy that their children require, but life doesn’t work that way. Thus, the need for “mommy time”.

Yes, I have been slammed, questioned and judged for daring to spend time away from my son. It’s ok. I think more people need to take time away. I am very fortunate that I have people around me that I trust to take care of my son. Because of the breaks, my home is more peaceful. I’m not so stressed (I can tell when I haven’t had a break as I get VERY stressed and feel more on edge.) I’ve also been around moms who haven’t had a break. The tension seems higher, yelling is more frequent, and frankly, I don’t like to be around them.

My breaks are pretty scheduled twice a week. I’m very fortunate in that regard. I have 2 chronic illnesses, so Greg and I knew that I would need extra help before I even got pregnant. Not all moms need breaks as frequent or as long. Even 30 minutes after a long day can be a lifesaver.

We have also found that Greg and I need time away from R together. It builds our marriage. We admittedly don’t go on “date night” near as frequently as we should, but when we do, we love it! We need a strong marriage in order to have a strong foundation for R. Sometimes we need to do activities that aren’t child focused.

How to get a break? We have a babysitter twice a week where R goes to her house so I can sleep or get things done at home. Sometimes Greg takes R when possible. I’ve also heard of babysitting coops where moms trade-off babysitting. My parents are always happy to help out, though this is a little more challenging since they live 200 miles away.

If you haven’t had a break lately or find yourself stressing out, take a break! You may find that your outlook changes and life becomes more peaceful!

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