25 Random Things

I was ‘tagged’ in another forum to write 25 random things about me. So, I took the challenge and thought I’d share them here.

1. I grew up on a farm, but love living in the suburbs!

2. I have 3 cats, one who wakes me up and walks me to the refrigerator when my blood sugar is low, another that I have full conversations with every day, and the third who has a foot fetish that I have not been able to cure no matter how much therapy I have provided.

3. I believe pets go to heaven and that I will be the ‘cat lady’ in heaven.

4. I once got the giggles so bad at Orchestra Hall that I had to leave and haven’t been back since.

5. I used to be a counselor and have counseled murderers, child molesters, and talked many through suicidal episodes.

6. I’m glad #5’s days are over!

7. My favorite job was teaching junior and senior level courses at a university.

8. I have a *slight* addiction to M&M’s.

9. I LOVE to shop, especially for shoes and bags.

10. I live in jeans and t-shirts, but try not to be frumpy at the same time, so they must be cool and properly accessorized (is that a word?).

11. My husband is my best friend and I would marry him all over again.

12. I hate clowns and all things related.

13. I go to movies for the popcorn!

14. My favorite place on earth is Tahiti, though the plane trip takes too long.

15. Of 4 things I swore I would never do in this life, I’ve done 3 and survived!

16. I have 1 sister who is 9 1/2 yrs older than I and has 4 girls, while we have one son!

17. We thought we would have a girl and were very surprised when the ultrasound revealed that we were having a boy!

18. I’m glad we had a boy!!

19. I’m an internal neat-knick, but my house is currently a mess!

20. I love fabric and minkee makes me giddy, but I hate working with it (minkee, not fabric in general).

21. When it blizzards, I have this insatiable need to go to the mall or Target. This is why we own a 4 wheel drive!

22. I love Paula Deen’s cookbooks though I only own 1 of them.

23. My Christmas is not complete without fudge.

24. I lost a pr of shoes on 35W and retrieved one of them 4 days later during rush hour. (Still searching for the other).

25. I believe every day should entail a good hearted belly-laugh and if you fall to the ground from laughing, all the better!!

Ok, it’s your turn. What are 25 random things about you??

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