Funny Kid Story!

Mister LOVES blueberries! I mean there are no words to describe his passion for blueberries. If there are some in the refrigerator and I open that door, he is there grabbing them out of the bowl. If he can’t have them for whatever reason, he hangs his head down and cries (and like any good mother, I give in and give him some!) As you all know, they’re great for you, so it is rare that he can’t have them.

Anyway, he was eating dinner the other day at his highchair and I put a handful of blueberries on his try. Greg turned and asked him if he could steal one from him and turned to grab one at which time Mister grabbed his toy bat and held it up defending his blueberries! Needless to say, Greg did not get any blueberries! Ha!

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