Lilly’s No Good, Very Bad, Hair Month!

We took Lilly to have her teeth cleaned last week and she came home looking like this:

Where are my pants??!

Where are my pants??!

Yup, no pants! Poor kitty. Don’t laugh too hard as she is very sensitive. As she has aged, her weight has increased (though we have tried) and she doesn’t groom herself as well. Unfortunately, I have also failed in the grooming dept with her as it is the only time that hisses and bites. An otherwise docile kitty turns into a ferocious LION when being groomed! When we took her to get her teeth clean, I informed our vet (who is also a friend) that Lilly had mattes that I couldn’t get out. She tried to comb them out without success and decided to shave her. Believe me, it was necessary and I’m sure Lilly is feeling more comfortable albeit a bit chillier than usual. Guess I should sew her a pair of pants?!

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